Hello, my name is Breck Whitworth. I am a Mississippi wood sculptor/turner and this web site is dedicated to showing and selling my work. The art inspires me but the utility bowls are in demand. Here are a few examples of my work. Please feel free to explore my site. I also love to hear from my fellow turners. 





Large heavy blank on Robust American Bea

A few of my pieces that have recieved recognition.

This piece was chosen for the cover shot on the WOW  web site (World of Wood Turners) One of the greatest blessings I have received was to have my work recognized along side many of the best wood turners in the world.

Sapele Platter #3.jpg

My second piece to make the cover of WOW. This was the 2nd piece in my Free Will Series

Leaves and Lace #1.jpg

This 16" sweetgum serving bowl with a burnt (pyrographic) textured band was chosen as Turning of the Week on the AAW web site. (11/30/2013)

The 3rd in my Free Will series also made the cover of WOW, and  It received a $400.00 award for excellence at the Ocean Springs Art Association annual art show. 2016

My first award was winning First Place for wood sculpting at a local art festival in 2011. 

2nd ocean magic piece.jpg

My 2nd Ocean Magic piece won a $150.00 Award for Excellence at the Ocean Springs Art Association annual art show 2016

                           "DREAM HORSES"                                     Ashe bowl dyed black sanded back then dyed green final sanding of green to create dream like state around horses. Horses created by pyrography. This piece made the cover of World Of Woodturners Web site 10/2020 It also won a $300.  award for excellence in 3D At the annual Ocean Springs Partake art competition 2020.