These are some of the bowls I have made in the past for every day use. If the proper care is taken in washing, drying, and storing them after being used they should last you a life time.  



Large Hickory B #.jpg
Cherry signature bowl
Large sweetgum  bowl
Pecan Signature Bowl
tourquois inlay
Sweetgum Bowl
Beaded Pecan bowl
Sycamore signature bowl
Sweetgum Bowl
Cherry bowl
Pecan Bowl
Black gum
Cherry Bowl small
sweetgum bowl
Sycamore nesting set
B. Sweet gum bowl
Pecan  Utility Bowl
Sycamore bowl
Magnolia Bowl
sweetgum serving bowl
Sycamore Bowl
Deep  Hickory Bowl

Please be aware that I use Mahoney's Walnut oil for almost all my utility bowls.  It is proclaimed to be food safe  even for those who might have a nut allergy. Because the enzymes that cause the reaction are supposedly removed in the cooking process when it is made. Walnut oil has a semi gloss sheen when buffed. The higher gloss utility pieces have a Tung oil finish that has been used as a food safe finish when cured for over a thousand years.