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I was blessed to be able to add the One way bowl coring system to my turning tools last year. Since I try to have around a hundred bowls drying every year this system has been a Godsend. I can now get 2 or 3 bowls from one large blank. This allows me to be a lot more productive and to make extra bowls instead of creating so many wheel barrow loads of curlies. The one way bowl coring system is expensive, but It has already paid for it self with in a years time.

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                          Methods of acquiring wood for bowls


When I can get a whole log, I pay a friend to cut it into slabs of varying thickness  

with his band saw mill. Then I cut each slab with my chainsaw into the proper lengths for making large bowls. This also reduces the weight to a manageable amount. They are then stacked inside my shop until I am ready to rough turn them.  Each individual slab is then taken outside on my flat top wagon. I then cut the corners off using my chainsaw. The goal being to get it as close to round as I can. Once back inside I slide the rounded blank onto my HF lift cart. I can then pump it up to almost the exact height of my lathe bed. This allows me to handle these extremely heavy blanks with a minimum of lifting. Once mounted on my  

lathe with a face plate; I am ready to rough the blank then core it into as many money bowls as possible.

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3 money bowls.jpg

When I have rough turned the green bowls then I coat the thick green bowl with anchor seal.I prefer the original version because it is thicker and one coat works for me. Then I cover the newly coated bowl with brown packing paper, securing it with masking tape. 

  I place them on the floor of my shop or on a lower shelf for about 2 months. Then I remove the paper and set the bowls on the higher shelves sticking them so I stack them for the final drying. This takes any where from 3 months to a year depending on the thickness of the bowls to dry.

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bowls drying.jpg
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